Educational Audiology Handbook, 2nd Edition (2012)
Johnson, C.D. & Seaton, J. Delmar Cengage Learning.
The Educational Audiology Handbook is the resource for every school-based audiologist as well as teachers of the deaf and speech language pathologists who are working with students with hearing loss in the schools. The 2nd edition of the Educational Audiology Handbook includes 4 new chapters covering classroom acoustics, counseling, early intervention, and deaf education practices in addition to numerous appendices. A CD is included that includes all of the forms and protocols so that they can be downloaded and adapted for personal use. Available at:

Educational Advocacy for Students who are Deaf and Hard of Hearing: The Hands & Voices Guidebook (2013)  
Johnson, C. D., DesGeorges, J., & Seaver, L.  Hands & Voices Publications: Boulder, CO.
Available from:
A definitive, comprehensive, focused compilation for advocates.
  1. Introduction to Special Education
  2. Special Considerations for Students who are Deaf or Hard of Hearing
  3. A Question of Eligibility
  4. The ABC’s of FAPE and LRE
  5. Assessment and Evaluation
  6. IEP’s
  7. Procedural Safeguards
  8. The Four R’s of Advocacy
  9. Leaping “Hurdle Talk” in an IEP
  10. Advanced Advocacy Strategies and Caselaw
  11. The Finesse of Advocacy


504/IEP Checklist

Classroom Acoustics Screening Worksheet

Classroom Participation Questionnaire (CPQ)

Functional Auditory Performance Indicators (FAPI)

Functional Listening Evaluation:

FLE_2013v2a-saveable_autocalculable.pdf 446.2 KB Common_Phrases_2016_autocalculate_saveable.pdf   93.2 KB  

       Link to Dr. Thibodeau's Classroom noise file (click on #11, classroom noise, to download):

Amplification Listening Evaluation for Children Parts 1 and 2

367.4 KB

Listening Development Profile

Placement And Readiness Checklists (PARC)

Audiology Self-Advocacy Checklists (ASAC):
529.8 KB

561.4 KB

IDEA Key Regulations for Audiology and Hearing Impairment/Deafness  

IDEA Regulations Part B-C Comparison for Audiology and Hearing Impairment/Deafness 

IDEA-504 Eligibility Process Flowchart

Bullying Screening Dialogue Handout

White Paper: Issues and Opportunities: A Report on the Current 
Status of Programs and Services for Students who are 
Deaf and Hard of Hearing (2007)

ADA Policy Guidance: 2014 Policy Clarification by U.S. Departments of Justice and Education on Effective Communication 
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